Global Movement

for Myanmar Democracy


We are currently recruiting volunteers for the following committees. Even if you have only very limited time to contribute, you can still make a meaningful impact. You can sign up here.


Empower and connect existing organizations and grassroots organizers to spearhead political advocacy efforts

  • Campaigns: Internet shutdown, sanctions

  • Host workshops for letter-writing, petitions, demonstrations, lobbying

  • Collaborate with media and press

  • Coordinate international campaigns

Press + Publicity

Keep the story alive in mainstream media

  • Collect articles, interviews, etc.

  • Contacting journalists

  • Engaging public figures + celebrities

Social Media

Support the GM4MD movement and foster GM4MD community and network

  • Manage media sites with timely posts

  • Identify purposes of each social media page: private group, public fb group, etc

  • Publish weekly protest list (while still relevant)

  • Respond to private messages and disseminate relevant information

  • Disseminate the work done by the committees in a visually appealing manner

  • Collaborate with existing pages

Story Collecting

Collect and report accurate stories of those involved and affected by the military

  • Use cases: social media, legal experts/court cases, press, victim honoring

  • Themes: human right abuses, "Humans of Myanmar," hope/reconciliation

  • Collab: Voice of Youth Myanmar, Independent International Fact Finding Mission for Myanmar


Bridging efforts to support the movement and those affected by the military

  • Find credible campaigns and donation mechanisms

  • Find greatest financial needs

Protest Organizing

Magnify and coordinate global protest campaigns

  • Identify and link groups organizing protests

  • Create a "how to" protest organizing

  • Create event calendar sorted by country

Data Team

Coordinates big data efforts to benefit Myanmar's nascent democracy

  • Match needed skills with volunteers worldwide

  • Match needs on the ground in Myanmar with current initiatives for better coordination

  • Demographic mapping


Mental health and elderly support

  • Connect mental health professionals with those in need in Myanmar

  • Focus on and address elderly support