Action Record

What actions has the international community taken since the Feb. 1 coup? The following is a work-in-progress list of actions taken by governments, world leaders, and the UN in comparison to actions taken by CSOs, NGOs, advocacy groups, and other individual entities since the Feb. 1 Coup. Notice how the list is shorter for governments, world leaders, and the UN? What do you think? Is the math math-ing?


Governments, World Leaders, and the UN

Feb 2: McConnell urges Biden administration and allies to respond to Burma coup

Feb 5: Senators Markey, Risch, Menendez, and Rubio outline key steps for Biden administration to help preserve Burma’s transition to democracy

Feb 6: Myanmar military administration writes to Bangladesh explaining military takeover

Feb 7: Pope calls on Myanmar leaders to serve common good and seek “democratic” harmony. He also expresses solidarity with people as thousands protest

Feb 11,: Executive Order on blocking property with respect to the situation in Burma. The U.S. Treasury Department announces that Myanmar military officers and military-owned gem companies are under U.S. sanctions. USAID redirects $42 million in response to the military coup. Fact Sheet summary of Biden-Harris administration actions in response to the coup in Burma

Feb 18: Canada imposes sanctions on Myanmar military officials in response to coup de’ètat

Feb 18: UK sanctions three Burmese military leaders, Burma Campaign UK expresses disappointment over lack of coverage on Burmese military companies 

CSOs, NGOs, Advocacy Groups, and Others

Feb 2: Norwegian Nobel Committee releases a statement on the situation in Myanmar 

Feb 4: Organizations/ networks working for women’s rights and gender equality release a joint statement on the situation in Myanmar

Feb 5: Justice for Myanmar and Burma Campaign UK release a statement to sanction Myanmar military, not Myanmar people

Feb 5: HRW calls on Myanmar military to end crackdown on media and communications

Feb 5: Nobel peace laureates denounce the coup

Feb 5: Kirin Holdings releases a statement on the situation in Myanmar, terminating their joint 

venture partnership with Myanma Economic Holdings Public Company Limited yet does not plan to exit Myanmar. Reuters Update 1 on this here.

Feb 6: International Karen Organization, Central Executive Committee releases a statement that urges Karen people to support the boycott of Burmese military companies

Feb 7: Free Rohingya Coalition condemns Myanmar coup and supports the emerging popular anti-dictatorship movement

Feb 8: Karen Peace Support Network releases a statement calling on ethnic armed organizations to oppose the military coup and unite in demanding federal democracy

Feb 8: International Campaign for the Rohingya publishes a press release that calls on Cloudflare to terminate its services for the Myanmar military

Feb 9: Burma’s Ethnic Community Organizations Call for President Biden’s Support Following Coup

Feb 11: USCB letter to UN Human Rights Council concerning ethnic minorities

Feb 24: 468 CSOs release an open letter to the Security Council

Feb 24: 137 organizations release a joint call for a global arms embargo on Myanmar

Aug 1: UNFPA and UN Women release a joint statement on the impacts of the compounded political and health crisis on women and girls in Myanmar

Aug 10: 90+ Organizations urge Secretary of State Antony Blinken for a Rohingya Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide Determination

Nov 19: Civil Society Assess Outcomes of UNGA76 Third Committee Session

Nov 22: Op-ed by Myanmar Floridian

Dec 1: 720+ CSOs and Unions release an open letter challenging TotalEnergies on its complicity in atrocity crimes, and of the French company’s support of army crimes, and respond to the company’s unacceptable defense of the status quo. GMSR x Blood Money Campaign X InfoBurmanie FB Live press conference here.


CSOs, NGOs, Advocacy Groups, and Others

August 22: Hundreds of NGOs call for post of UN Myanmar envoy to be abolished