Honorable Loss

Towards the end of March, the number of people who died fighting for Myanmar's freedom and democracy has passed more than 500. Each petal below represents one of the lives lost, but numbers can only tell so much. We honor their lives by the memories of who they were and the lives they lived.

Last Updated:  Mar 31, 2021

A Computer Science student.

 Mya Thwe Thwe Khaing, F, 19, NayPyiThaw

Transported the injured from the crackdown.

Wai Yan Tun, M, 16, Mandalay

Family friend who always helped out at family gatherings.

Too Aung @ Mar Too, M, 43, Mandalay

Masonry worker, survived by loving wife and 5-year old daughter.

Yazar  Aung, M, 26, Mandalay

Survived by two children and his wife.

Nay Myo Oo @ Nay Lin Oo, M, 35, Pakkouku

Great-grandson of Thakhin Hla Kyaing from Dobama Asiayone (We Burmese Association).

Kyi Hlaing Min, M, 18, Bago

Survived by his father. 

Than Win @ John MarKham, M, 35, Dawei

Primary-School teacher and part of Education Strike. 

Tin Nwet Yi, F, 59, Yangon

Led a group of young protesters and her last post was to be an organ donor.

Kyal Sin, F, 19, Mandalay

To Myanmar's medics - 

At the frontlines of COVID to the Coup, 

White duty coats stained brown

With the iron of blood and the iron of bullets

Risking your lives to save those of others.

A poet and a teacher from Aung Chan Thar Tsp.

Myint Myint Zin, F, 36, Monywa. 

A ward chair for the NLD party from Pabedan Tsp.

Khin Maung Latt, M, 58, Yangon

A primary school teacher from remote Puta-O

U Cho-ta, M, 51, Myitkyina

MLM University student, member of the Dance club and huge BTS fan.

Htet Wai Htoo, M, 19, Mawlamyine

A father and his wife is expecting their second child.

Chin Min Thu, M, 25, Yangon

A father and trishaw driver from Thaketa. 

Si Thu, M, 37, Yangon

March  14 marked deadliest day since the coup - over 100  deaths in a single day with more than 50 deaths in Hlaing Thayar township in Yangon.

A driver and neighborhood watchman.

Kyaw Zin Latt @ Khine Htoo, M, 41, Yangon

Single mother with three children, sheltered two dozen student protestors at her home.

Daw Pyone Pyone, F, 50, Mandalay

Widow of three children.

Sandy Mar, F, 38, Bago

Survived by his wife and a daughter.

Hla Min Tun, M, 25, Twantay 

A first year medical student, dreamed of treating the disadvantaged for free.

Khant Nyar Hein, M, 17, Yangon

Worked in shoe-making business, survived by his wife and 6-year daughter. 

Ye Swe Oo, M, 29, Mandalay

To our civil servants - 

Laying your lives down the railway tracks

Disenfranchised, but still disobedient, determined.

You give so much when you have so little. 

So to you, I raise a toast. 

Graduated from  Pwint Phyu Agricultural University in 2019. 

Htet Naing Shein, M, 21, Bago

Graduated from Mohnyin GTC (Government Technological College)

Kyaw Linn Htike, M, 30, Hpakan

A neighborhood watchman and survived by one son and one daughter. 

Kyaw Ye Aung, M, 23, Yangon

First year student at University of Medicine (Yangon). 

Khant Nyar Hein @ Arkar Zaw, M, 18, Yangon

Grade 9 student from Hlaing Tharya.

Kyal Sin Hein, M, 16, Yangon

Served as a volunteer at COVID center in North Okkalapa.

Kaung Pyae Sone, M, 20, Yangon

It’s more than 500 lives from all walks of life: more than 500 families, friends, family friends, neighbors. It represents one of the fighters, 

one of the ethnic brothers and sisters, one of us. 

Her last note: “Leave me if I die. Fight till we win!” 

Zuu Wint War, F, 15, Yangon

Member of Solidarity Trade Union of Myanmar

Zaw Zaw Htwe, M, 21, Yangon

Saved the gunshot victims at the frontline. Survived by 6 children. 

Phoe Thet, M, 50, Yangon

Survived by wife and two children. 

Ba Khat @ Mohamad Thwarhid, M, 33, Yangon

Mother of a 4-year old son and has been a protestor at the frontline everyday.

Pan Myat Chal @ Si Mi Yar Bi Bi, F, 20, Myingyan

First year college student majoring in History.

Nanda Phyo Aung, M, 22, Yangon

To my ethnic siblings - 

I bow my head

In shame and in anger that we failed you. 

Gaslighting your lives, while they scorched

Your earth, 

Let this be our lesson - never again.

Protested at the frontline of the Kalay Strike along with his brother.

TanrDo Suan Kim, M, 20, Kalay

An avid football fan and good amateur player. 

Bay Tar, M, 28, Yangon

A forestry worker who was on strike. The youngest member of his family.

Tun Htet Aung, M, 24, Monywa

Member of Shwe Loikaw charity group.

Kyan Aung @ Shan Pu, M, 46, Loikaw

Volunteer at Aung Ban’s COVID Prevention Team and protested at the frontline.

Min Htet Naing, M, 22, Aung Ban

Despite military family background, he stood with the people and participated in protests.

Thet Paing Soe, M, 28, Yangon

The life stories of 50 people here only represents 10% or less of total lives lost, it is an incomplete measure of loss Myanmar people are suffering. 

But hopeful that their life stories will help convey what we lost. 

Volunteer with a charity group at the protests, been working in charity for 5 years.

Zaw Lin Htike, M, 31, Mandalay

Rescue worker to help gunshot victims among protestors.

Nay Myo Kyaw, M, 38, Mandalay

Grade 8 student, and care taker of the family.  

Tun Tun Aung, M, 14, Yangon

Found against the two terrorists from security forces.

Nay Lin Htwe @ Mohamad Sadiq, M, 28, Taunggyi

Director of Women for Justice group, well-known women’s rights activist.

Ar Khu, F, 37, Kalay

Father, survived by wife expecting a second child and 7-year old daughter.

Soe Win @ Mohamad Thwalha, M, 30, Mawlamyaing

To the fallen ones - 

Your death will not be in vain. 

As we march forth, we shall raise an army of the dead, 

Phantasms of democracy, 

Your spilled blood shining, guiding our way.

Graduated from Grade 4, and loved Hello Kitty and drawing it. 

Aye Myat Thu, F, 11, Mawlamyaing

An ethnic Rawang from Puta-O District, Nogmung Township, family owned a noodle shop in Yangon

Hti San Wan Hpri, M, 19, Yangon

Student nurse, was treating the injured at the protests

Thinzar Hein, F, 20, Monywa

Assistant surgeon at Pyin Oo Lwin General Hospital

Thiha Tin Tun, M, 27, Mandalay

Alumnus of CRDH’s Human Rights Advocacy Camp. Rushed to throw a grenade out of the stairwell of his apartment building.

Shine Htet Aung, M, Yangon

Student at Myitkyina University of Technology and the external relationship officer for the Student Union.

Soe Naing Tun, M, 20, Monyin

Armed with nothing but our pots and pans, 

And our hearts.

And even as they shoot us down

In a shameless abuse of power, 

We rise up 

And find strength through wounding. 

March 27 marked 500 deaths with the ongoing crackdown - at least 120 lives lost in a single day across the country. 

Let the tears we shed fill our bottles. 

Let the bloodied clothes of our fallen comrades

Be the wicks that carry the flame

Of our demands to never be hurt again.

As we press on towards victory, 

To all my brothers and sisters, I raise a toast

Of this Molotov cocktail. 

Our Spring Revolution will prevail.

Remembering lives lost during the fight for Myanmar democracy

▪️Ko Nyi Nyi Oo @ Na Pwar, 32, Mandalay ▪️Nay Nay Win Htet, 18, Tanintharyi ▪️Mya Thwate Thwate Khaing, 19, NayPyiTaw ▪️Thet Naing Win @ Min Min, 37, Mandalay ▪️Wai Yan Htun, 37, Mandalay ▪️Kyi Soe, 48, Mandalay ▪️Tin Htut Hein, 30, Yangon ▪️Yar Zar Aung, 26, Mandalay ▪️Kyaw Htet Khine @ Kyaw Htet Kaung, 30, Mandalay ▪️Pe Than @ Naw Nyo, 35, Tanintharyi ▪️ Than Win, 36, Tanintharyi ▪️Lwin Lwin Oo, 33, Tanintharyi ▪️Banyar Aung, 39, Tanintharyi ▪️Hein Htut Aung, 23, Yangon ▪️Tin Nwet Yi, 59, Yangon ▪️Zin Linn Htet, 20, Mon ▪️Nyi Nyi Aung Htet Naing, 23, Yangon ▪️ Maung Soe @ Sithu Soe, 16, Bago ▪️Kyi Hlaing Min @ Gaung Gyi, 18,  Bago ▪️Nay Myo Oo @ Nay Lin Aung, 34, Magwe ▪️Maung Maung Oo, 40, Mandalay ▪️Day Si @ A Pu, 32, Mandalay ▪️Zin Myo Thu @ Abdul Rashi, 19, Mon ▪️Kaung Paye Sone, 20, Yangon ▪️ Thiha Zaw @ Naung Naung, 16, Magwe ▪️Zin Ko Ko Thaw, 14, Mandalay ▪️Myo Naing Lin @ Pho Linn, 39, Mandalay ▪️Kyal Sin Lin @ Kyar Shi, 19, Mandalay ▪️Nay Myo Aung @ Kalar Lay, 16, Mandalay ▪️Myint Myint Zin @ Kyi Lin Aye, 36, Sagaing ▪️Kyawt Nandar Aung, 19, Sagaing ▪️Min Khant Kyaw @ Pho Thal, 17, Sagaing ▪️Ko Moe Aung, 23, Sagaing ▪️Zaw Thein Aung, 20, Sagaing ▪️Naing Win, 45, Sagaing ▪️Kay  Za Win, 39, Sagaing ▪️Wai Yan @ Kan Chun, 25, Sagaing ▪️Hein Htet Aung, 19, Yangon ▪️Pho Chit, 22, Yangon ▪️Yar Zar Min, 20, Yangon ▪️Arkar Moe @ Arkar Soe, 25, Yangon ▪️Zwel Htet Soe, 20, Yangon ▪️Min Oo, 21, Yangon ▪️Sithu Shein @ Myat Thu Shein, 18, Yangon ▪️Tun Maung, 47, Yangon ▪️Zaw Zaw Moe, Yangon ▪️Aung Myint Myat, 19, Magwe ▪️Htet Wai Htoo, 19, Mon ▪️Zin Myo Maung, 18, Sagaing ▪️Zaw Myo, 20, Mandalay ▪️Naing Min Ko, 20, Mandalay ▪️Nan Wai Aung, 17, Magwe ▪️Htwe Naing, 53, Magwe ▪️Khin Maung Latt, 58, Yangon ▪️Aung Myat Lin, 27, Magwe ▪️Ko Ko Lay @ Cho Tar, 62, Kachin ▪️Zin Min Htet, 22, Kachin ▪️Thiha Oo, 31, Irrawaddy ▪️Zaw Myat Linn, 46, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Ye Aung, 38, Sagai ▪️Htoo Aung Kyaw, 38, Mandalay ▪️Linn Htet, 19, Mandalay ▪️Zaw Zaw Aung @ Shwe Ah, 30, Bago ▪️Thet Zaw Oo, 34, Magwe ▪️Nyan Win @ Mying Win, 36, Magwe ▪️Tike Paw, 40, Magwe ▪️Aung Kyaw Sint, 20, Magwe ▪️Kyi Soe Wai, 20, Magwe ▪️Thike Soe, 40, Magwe ▪️Chit Min Thu, 24, Yangon ▪️Win Hlaing Thu, 51, Tanintharyi ▪️Kyaw Zin Latt @ Ah Shay Gyi, 42, Yangon ▪️Zaw Min Thu, Yangon ▪️Sithu, 37, Yangon ▪️Aung Aung Zaw @ Aung Than, 41, Yangon ▪️Aung Paing Oo, 18, Yangon ▪️Htet Myat Aung, 19, Bago ▪️Phyo Wai Yan Kyaw, 20, Bago ▪️Kay Kyi, 53, Mandalay ▪️Saw Paye Naing, 21, Mandalay ▪️Min Min Tun @ Myo Min Htet, 35, Mandalay ▪️Ye Swe Oo, 29, Mandalay ▪️Win Htay @ Shan Gyi, 56, Mandalay ▪️Wai Phyo Aung @ Kaung Lay, 42, Magwe ▪️Linn Tun Aung @ Khaw Lay, 23, Yangon ▪️Han Min Tun, 24, Yangon ▪️Nga Paing, 35, Yangon ▪️Hla Min Thu, 25, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Ye Aung, 23, Yangon ▪️Kaung Paye Kyaw, 22, Tanintharyi ▪️Kyaw Lin Htike, 30, Kachin ▪️Htet Naing Shein, 21, Magwe ▪️Tin Tin Win @ San Thee Mar, 38, Bago ▪️ Sai Sithu @ Shan Gyi, 31, Yangon ▪️Wai Phyo Aung @ Ko Jet, 19, Yangon ▪️Cherry Win, 24, Mandalay ▪️Khant Nyar Hein @ Arkar Zaw, 17, Yangon ▪️Min Khant Soe, 18, Yangon ▪️Chit Ko Ko Phyo, 25, Yangon ▪️Hein Htet Dwe, 24, Yangon ▪️Lin Lin Kyaw, 43, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Lin Khaing, 25, Yangon ▪️Hla Min Oo, 24, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Min Tun, 32, Yangon ▪️Myo Min Tun, 20, Yangon ▪️Ye Htut Aung, 30, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Thiha Aye, 30, Yangon ▪️Zuu Wint War, 15, Yangon ▪️Min Min Htet, 38, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Lin Wai @ Kyan Kyaung, 23, Yangon ▪️Nay Lin Htet, 29, Yangon ▪️Ye Myo Htut, 38, Yangon ▪️Bo Bo, 39, Yangon ▪️Hein Soe @ Pho Thel, 22, Yangon ▪️Han Htet Aung, 24, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Zayar Tun, 17, Yangon ▪️Phyoe Zaw Lin, 35, Yangon ▪️Ko Htet, 18, Yangon ▪️Hlaing Jack Maung, 16, Yangon ▪️Htet Linn Aung, 21, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Zayar Linn, Yangon ▪️Aung Kaung Moe, 23, Yangon ▪️Naing Ye Kyaw, 23, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Win Ko @ Tayoke @ Tai Tai, 28, Yangon ▪️Aung Gyi @ Aung Min Tun, 31, Yangon ▪️San Htay Aung, 29, Yangon ▪️Khant Aung Phyoe, 19, Yangon ▪️Nanda Phyo Aung, 21, Yangon ▪️Aung Phyo Htet, 29, Yangon ▪️Shein Naung Naung, 19, Yangon ▪️Pho Kyaw, 38, Yangon ▪️Saw Pyae Sone @ Saw Lal Pwl, 22, Yangon ▪️Thet Wai Naing @ Lu Gyi, 23, Yangon ▪️Wunna Aung @ Book Gyi, 26, Yangon ▪️Min Min Oo, 17, Mandalay ▪️Than Lwin, 57, Yangon ▪️Soe Htay Aung, 24, Yangon ▪️Thurain @ Kyaw Kyaw Win, 37, Yangon ▪️Than Toe Aung, 20, Yangon ▪️Aung Naing Win, 17, Yangon ▪️Sai Ko Ko Lwin @ Sai Ko, 29, Yangon ▪️Aye Min, 23, Yangon ▪️Ye Lay @ Yan Naing Tun, 26, Yangon ▪️Aung Kyaw Htoo, 41, Yangon ▪️Myo Kyaw, 38, Yangon ▪️Aung Myint, 32, Yangon ▪️Hla Htay, 39, Yangon ▪️Min Wai Yan Mout, 18, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Myint, 75, Yangon ▪️Naing Sithu, 31, Yangon ▪️Thein Naing, 54, Yangon ▪️Pho Htay Aung, 24, Yangon ▪️Yin Htwe @ Mg Mae Lone, 25, Yangon ▪️Tun Win Han @ War So, 25, Yangon ▪️Win Kyi (Daw), 78, Yangon ▪️Ye Ko Ko, 23, Yangon ▪️Kaung Khant Ko, 19, Yangon ▪️Linn Aung, 32, Yangon ▪️Thein Tun, 61, Yangon ▪️Ni Ni Aye, 48, Yangon ▪️Chan Myae Linn, 25, Yangon ▪️Zaw Htet 30, Yangon ▪️Thein Zaw @ Shine Ko, 23, Yangon ▪️Kyal Sin Hein, 16, Yangon ▪️Zaw Than, Yangon ▪️Thein Soe, Yangon ▪️Phyo Ko Ko, 17, Yangon ▪️Hlaing Win Aung, 35, Yangon ▪️Chan Chan, Yangon ▪️Than Zaw, Yangon ▪️ Zayar Tun, Yangon ▪️Wai Phyo, 22, Yangon ▪️Ba Khat @ Mohamad Thwarhid, 33, Yangon ▪️Yan Paing @ Chit Aung, 32, Yangon ▪️Tin Aung Win, Yangon ▪️Pho Thet, Yangon ▪️Win Shwe @ Kayin, Yangon ▪️Aung Zaw Min, 33, Yangon ▪️Thant Zaw Oo, 17, Yangon ▪️ Wunna Kyaw, 19, Yangon ▪️Wa Toke, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Kyaw @ Kalar, Yangon ▪️Tun Tun Naing, 43, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Win Naing, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Zin Oo, Yangon ▪️Myo Thu Aung, Yangon ▪️Ye Zaw Htut, Yangon ▪️Htay Win, 67, Yangon ▪️Myint Lwin, 56, Yangon ▪️Moe Thu Win, Yangon ▪️Zaw Min Htike, Yangon ▪️Maung Naing, Yangon ▪️Sa Wai Yan Lin, Yangon ▪️Aung Aung, Yangon ▪️Thet Wai @ Zaw Gyi, 35, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Paing Win, Yangon ▪️Thiha Ko Ko Naing, 23, Yangon ▪️Khin Soe, Yangon ▪️Thein Hlaing, Yangon ▪️Tun Tun Oo, 59, Yangon ▪️Chit Maung @ Chit Aung, Yangon ▪️Zaw Linn Tun, Yangon ▪️Aung Myo Oo @ Aung Thu, Yangon ▪️Shwe Sin Tun, 16, Yangon ▪️Min Htet Ko @ Ko Htet, 16, Yangon ▪️Pho Than Chaung, Htantabin ▪️Thein Lwin, Htantabin ▪️Tun Win Kyaw @ Pyaung Gyi, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Thu Min, 35, Bago ▪️Pan Myat Chal @ Si Mi Yar Bi Bi, 20, Mandalay ▪️Hla Soe, 52, Mandalay ▪️Aung Kyaw Zaw, 29, Mandalay ▪️Yan Myo Aung @ Nyan Kyal, 18, Mandalay ▪️Aung Myo Zaw, 17, Mandalay ▪️Tin Tun Aung, 19, Mandalay ▪️Aung Ko Ko Khant, 27, Mandalay ▪️Kyaw Khin @ Yusof, Magwe ▪️Mohamad Ju Nike @ Thet Naing, Mandalay ▪️Than Htike Oo 26, Mandalay ▪️Thiha Kyaw @ Kyaw Gyi, Mandalay ▪️Yazar Tun, 18, Mandalay Gwan Kyi, 37, Mandalay ▪️Gwan Kyi, 37, Tanintharyi ▪️Wai Phyo Thein @ Kalar, 22, Mandalay ▪️Hein Htet Aung @ Auwal, Irrawaddy ▪️Min Than Htike @ Htike Htike, Irrawaddy ▪️Maung Zaw, 40, Sagaing ▪️Thura Kyaw, 18, Bago ▪️Tint Naing, 52, Bago ▪️Thida Aye @ Mee Mee, 16, Mandalay ▪️U Zaw Min, 29, Mandalay ▪️Ye Myo Aung, 29, Mandalay ▪️Myo Myint, 47, Mandalay ▪️Unknown, Thabeikkyin, Mandalay ▪️Thu Tat Aung @ Pho Ngal, 24, Sagaing ▪️Zaw Min Oo, 42, Mandalay ▪️Unknown, Aungban, Shan ▪️Tauk Tun, 21, Mon ▪️Shan Kayin @ Htut Myat Lin, Tanintharyi ▪️Sithu Aung, Irrawaddy ▪️Kyaw Min Tun, 41, Sagaing ▪️Kyaw Khaing, Sagaing ▪️Phay Thein Kyaw @ Mike Khal, 34, Yangon ▪️Unknown, S Dagon, Yangon ▪️Cung Lian Ceu, 25, Sagaing ▪️Kyin Khant Man, 27, Sagaing ▪️Do Suan Kim, 19, Sagaing ▪️Kyaw Myint Win @ Nyi Lay, 42, Sagaing ▪️Aye Kyaw, 31, Yangon ▪️Phyo Kyaw Thu @ Bay Tar @ Swarlaybi, 28, Yangon ▪️ Mya Win, 70, Yangon ▪️Aye Aye Khaing @ Rosarnar Bi, 22, Yangon ▪️Thiha Phyo @ Kalar, Mandalay ▪️Naing Linn Aung, Shan ▪️Khin Marlar Win @ Myo Lwin, 39, Magwe ▪️Khun Kyaw Swar Lin, 41, Yangon ▪️Myo Myint Aung, 27, Yangon ▪️Thint Zin Myo, 27, Yangon ▪️Kyan Aung @ San Pi, 47, Kayah ▪️ Unknown, Aungban, Shan ▪️ Unknown, Aungban, Shan ▪️ Unknown, Aungban, Shan ▪️ Unknown, Aungban, Shan ▪️ Unknown, Aungban, Shan ▪️ Unknown, Aungban, Shan ▪️ Unknown, Aungban, Shan ▪️Tun Aung Kyaw, Shan ▪️Kyaw Thu Win, Shan ▪️Thet Paing Soe, 28, Yangon ▪️Aung Kaung Htet, 15, Yangon ▪️Unknown, Bago ▪️Unknown, Bago ▪️Min Min Zaw, 29, Sagaing ▪️Zuali @ Malan Zwal E, 35, Yangon ▪️Moe Zaw Htwe @ Mg San, 28, Mandalay ▪️Hla Myo Thein @ Ko Myo @ Pho Thar, 40, Mandalay ▪️Zaw Myo Htet, 16, Mandalay ▪️Phyo Wai Tun, 26, Mandalay ▪️Zaw Myo Oo, 44, Mandalay ▪️Phyo Mout Maung, 46, Mandalay ▪️Took Kyi, 51, Mandalay ▪️Linn Zaw Ko, 20, Mandalay ▪️Sai Aung Myint, 50, Mandalay ▪️Mhwa Si, 66, Magwe ▪️Zaw Zaw, 18, Mandalay ▪️Nay Myo, 28, Mandalay ▪️Myo Hein Kyaw, 24, Mandalay ▪️Tun Tun Aung, 15, Mandalay ▪️Min Thu Aung, 39, Mandalay ▪️Pho Ngal, 30, Mandalay ▪️Hlaing Myo Htet, 40, Mandalay ▪️Baby Sein Myint, 30, Mandalay ▪️Zaw Linn Htike @ Kyaung Thar, 32, Mandalay ▪️Ingem Bo, 20, Mandalay ▪️Zaw Gyi, 19, Mandalay ▪️Htein Linn, 21, Mandalay ▪️Moe Kyaw Zin, 25, Mandalay ▪️Aye Chan Moe, 21, Mandalay ▪️Myint Thein, 25, Mandalay ▪️Aung Tint, 58, Mandalay ▪️Wai Lwin, Mandalay ▪️Win Tun Oo, 25, Mandalay ▪️Chan Thar Htwe, 20, Mandalay ▪️Khin Myo Chit, 6, Mandalay ▪️Thin Soe Oo, Mandalay ▪️Ko Zin, Tanintharyi ▪️Wai Yan Htet Naing @ Pho Thar, 26, Mandalay ▪️Moe Htet Wyne, 15, Mandalay ▪️Pho Htee, 16, Mandalay ▪️Kyi Set Hlaing, 23, Mandalay ▪️Nay Linn Htwe @ M Swar Did, 28, Shan ▪️Unknown, Taunggyi,  Shan ▪️Unknown, Taunggyi, Shan ▪️Unknown, Taunggyi, Shan ▪️Soe Naing Tun, Kachin ▪️Win Swe, 41, Kachin ▪️Linn Htet, Kachin ▪️Yan Aung @ Phyo Pyae, 20, Bago ▪️Soe Zaw Aung, 19, Sagaing ▪️Zaw Win Maung, 19, Sagaing ▪️Aung Khaing Soe Thu, 30, Sagaing ▪️Unknown, Thingangyunn, Yangon ▪️Unknown, Thingangyunn, Yangon ▪️Aung Thu Tun, 32, Yangon ▪️Myo Min Aung @ Pho Kalar, 33, Sagaing ▪️Naing Ye Linn, 28, Yangon ▪️Aung Moe, 32, Yangon ▪️Ye Win, 60, Bago ▪️Min Myat Paing, 19, Tanintharyi ▪️Khin Khin Soe @ Lar Ei Sar Be, 32, Tanintharyi ▪️Myo Aung, 40, Tanintharyi ▪️Arkar Oo, 18, Tanintharyi ▪️Hlaing Zaw Win @ Hlaing Kaw, 38, Magwe ▪️Aung Tun Aye, 32, Yangon ▪️Myat Khaing, Yangon ▪️Chit Ko, 37, Yangon ▪️Ar Noe, 33, Yangon ▪️Zin Min, Yangon ▪️Unknown, N Dagon, Yangon ▪️Maung Hti San Wan Phi Tun, 19, Yangon ▪️Tin Hla, 43, Yangon ▪️Unknown, Thanlin, Yangon ▪️Thant Zin Tun @ Wet Poe, 24, Yangon ▪️Chit Bo Bo Nyein, 21, Yangon ▪️Tayzar Tun, 31, Yangon ▪️Zaw Lay, 49, Yangon ▪️Chit Linn Thu, 21, Yangon ▪️Thura @ Than Win Htike, 21, Yangon ▪️Wai Lu, Yangon ▪️Ohnmar Shein, 50, Yangon ▪️Thet Naing Oo, 35, Yangon ▪️Ye Myat Thu @ Yay Chan, 25, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Htet Aung @ Pho Dama, 19, Yangon ▪️Win Myint, 46, Yangon ▪️Aung Zin Myint, 20, Yangon, ▪️Wai Yan Min Htin, 23, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Zaw Min @ Na Ee, 42, Yangon ▪️Sai Wai Yan, 14, Yangon ▪️Unknown, Dagon Seikkan, Yangon ▪️Unknown, S Okkalapa, Yangon ▪️Win Min Oo, 42, Yangon ▪️Wai Zin, 35, Mandalay ▪️Myint Tun Aung, 47, Mandalay ▪️Pann Ei Phyu, 14, Mandalay ▪️Tun Nain Win, 39, Mandalay ▪️Phoe La Paye, 20, Mandalay ▪️Unknown, Meiktila, Mandalay ▪️Phyo Thant Wai (Dr), Mandalay ▪️Nyein Min Soe @ Min Min, Mandalay ▪️Win Zaw, 41, Mandalay ▪️Win Myo Oo, 25, Mandalay ▪️Kyaw Win Maung @ Kyaw Ko, Mandalay ▪️Yarzar Linn, 36, Mandalay ▪️Lin Lin, Mandalay ▪️Thiha Kyaw, 25, Mandalay ▪️Hein Htet, 23, Mandalay ▪️Hein Min Thein, Mandalay ▪️Ye Zin Win, Mandalay ▪️Aung Min Lwin, 20, Mandalay ▪️Aung Htut, Mandalay ▪️Unknown, Pyin Oo Lwin, Mandalay ▪️Daw Soe Yii, Mandalay ▪️Unknown, Mogok, Mandalay ▪️Unknown, Mogok, Mandalay ▪️Wai Maung, 24, Mandalay ▪️Saw (U), 48, Mandalay ▪️Thaung Naing Oo (U), 46, Mandalay ▪️Myo Naing (U), 40, Mandalay ▪️Hein Win Tun, 14, Mandalay ▪️Tun Yin, 20, Mandalay ▪️Kyaw Kyaw Naing, 29, Mandalay ▪️Naung Naung @ Mohamad Ali, 16, Mandalay ▪️Chit Phuu Thu, 19, Mandalay ▪️Chit Thet Oo, 22, Mandalay ▪️Kyaw Htay, Tanintharyi ▪️Ibrahim, 30, Tanintharyi ▪️Unknown, Myeik, Tanintharyi ▪️Zaw Min Oo, 41, Tanintharyi ▪️Htoo Myat Win, 13, Sagaing ▪️Ko Kyawt, 21, Sagaing ▪️Kaung Kaung, 19, Sagaing ▪️ Zin Tun Lwin, 20, Sagaing ▪️Phyo Wai Toe @ Baw Baw, 33, Sagaing ▪️Arkar, 24, Sagaing ▪️Tun Oo, 32, Sagaing ▪️Kyaw Thein, 45, Sagaing ▪️Phoe Chan, 20, Sagaing ▪️Unknown, 9, Sagaing ▪️Chang Myae Kyaw, 30, Sagaing ▪️Htet Myat Twin @ Thwalaha, 16, Irrawaddy ▪️Wai Lwin Oo, 36, Irrawaddy ▪️Myo Han, 16, Irrawaddy ▪️Wathone Soe, 31, Irrawaddy ▪️Lwin Ko, 16, Irrawaddy ▪️Nan Win, Bago ▪️Phoe Lone, Bago ▪️Kaung Myat thu, Bago ▪️Kyaw Kyaw, 45, Bago ▪️Unknown, Kyauktaga, Bago ▪️Min Thant, Bago ▪️Mai Min Naung @ Ye Htet Naw, 22, Shan ▪️Sai Hla Tun, 31, Shan ▪️Tun Tint Khaing, 27, Shan ▪️Unknown, Lashio, Shan ▪️Ko Min Naing, 40, Magwe ▪️Min Zaw Htwe, 38, Magwe ▪️Win Kyaw Soe, Kachin ▪️Shwe Myint, Kacin ▪️Thant Zaw, 19, Kachin ▪️Unknown, Kyaikhto, Mon ▪️Unknown, Kyaikhto, Mon ▪️Aye Myat Thu, 11, Mon ▪️Win Soe, 30, Mon ▪️Ye Yint Naung, 15, Shan ▪️Unknown, Muse, Shan ▪️Unknown, Muse, Shan ▪️Thae Maung Maung, 20, Bago ▪️Shine Htet Aung, Bago ▪️Aung Zin Phyo, 18, Mandalay ▪️Aung Myo Thwin, Naypyitaw ▪️Kyaw Thura, Yangon ▪️Unknown, S Dagon, Yangon ▪️Zaw Lin Maung, 31, Mandalay ▪️Min Lwin Oo, 31, Mandalay ▪️Myo Aye @ Chit Ko Ko, Mandalay ▪️Aye Ko, 40, Mandalay ▪️Khine Zin Win, 21, Tanintharyi ▪️Tin Win Tun (U), 47, Tanintharyi ▪️Yan Paing Oo (Ko), 17, Tanintharyi ▪️ Ye Htet (Ko), 20, Tanintharyi ▪️Thiha TinTun (Dr), Mandalay ▪️Zin Mar Aung @ Zin Pu, 24, Mandalay ▪️Arr Khu, 37, Sagaing ▪️Kan Then Tak @ Zosangliana, 19, Sagaing ▪️Thar Chit, Sagaing ▪️Htan Haung Hlan, Sagaing ▪️Aung San Oo, 19, Sagaing ▪️Ko Byar @ Moe Zet Aung, 16, Sagaing ▪️Thinzar Hein, 20, Sagaing ▪️Min Thu Tun, 24, Sagaing ▪️Koe Koe May, Sagaing ▪️Khine Zar Thwe, Yangon ▪️Moe Tun, 30, Yangon ▪️Jue Mhway @ Nyunt Win, Mandalay ▪️Aung Moe Oo, 29, Mandalay ▪️Boe Aung, 40, Mandalay ▪️Soe Moe, Mandalay ▪️Hein Htet Naing, 22, Mandalay ▪️Thar Ko, 17, Mandalay ▪️Maung Maung, 25, Mandalay ▪️Zaw Zaw Htwe @Mohamad Azikhan, 25, Mandalay ▪️Thet Phone Naung, 21, Mandalay ▪️Aung Kyaw Myint @ Maung Kyaw, 35, Mandalay ▪️Kyaw Zin Tun, 27, Mandalay ▪️Myo Thet, 49, Mandalay ▪️Pyae Phyo Aung, 26, Mandalay ▪️Pyae Phyo Thant @ Kyan Chaung, 24, Mandalay ▪️Thet Wai Wai Hlaing, 30, Mandalay ▪️Thurein Tun, 35, Mandalay ▪️Htet Myat Kyaw, 30, Mandalay ▪️Myo Ko, Mandalay ▪️Myo Min, 29, Mandalay ▪️Zaw Min Thein, 22, Mandalay ▪️Bagyi Aung, 45, Mandalay ▪️Hein Thant, 17, Mandalay ▪️Yan Naung @ Kyaw Kyaw, 40, Mandalay ▪️Wai Phyo Naung, 15, Mandalay ▪️Kyaw Min Latt, 40, Mandalay ▪️Min Min Oo, 40, Mandalay ▪️Wai Phyo Htet Naing, 25, Mandalay ▪️Phoe Phyu, 26, Mandalay ▪️Kyaw Moe Khaing, 29, Yangon ▪️Aung Win Toe @ Win Toe, Shan ▪️Kyaw Min Latt @ Pho Toke, 16, Tanintharyi ▪️Kyaw Thura Aung @ Kyaw Kyaw, 45, Bago ▪️Pyae Phyo Maung @ Pay Toe, 39, Yangon ▪️Maung Maung Aye, 37, Yangon ▪️Zin Linn Aung @ Nga Linn, 27, Irrawaddy ▪️Chit Ko Ko, 38, Yangon ▪️Maung Hla, 43, Magwe ▪️Min Nyo, Sagaing ▪️Wai Yan Moe, 22, Shan ▪️Soe Moe Aung, 38, Yangon ▪️Soe Paing, 50, Yangon ▪️Htoo Htet Hlaing, 20, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Min Zin, 33, Mandalay ▪️Thu Htoo San, 19, Mandalay ▪️Wai Lwin Oo, 21, Mandalay ▪️Zaw Hein Tun @ Zaw Gyi, 32, Mandalay ▪️Nay Linn Saw, 30, Yangon ▪️Wai Phyo Thu, 27, Yangon ▪️San Tint Naing, 27, Yangon ▪️Thet Naing Tun, 41, Yangon ▪️Myo Ko Ko Oo, 27, Yangon ▪️Ko Ko Lwin, 26, Yangon ▪️Thein Aung, 28, Yangon ▪️Aung Myo Thant, 28, Yangon ▪️Win Htut Aung, 19, Yangon ▪️Kyaw Than, 19, Yangon ▪️Kalar, 40, Yangon ▪️Maung Oo, Yangon ▪️Unknown, S Dagon, Yangon ▪️Thar Chaw, 20, Yangon ▪️Aung Thu, 27, Yagon ▪️Yarzar Htwe @ Phoe Chi, 15, Irrawaddy ▪️Shein Thihan Linn @ Ko Phyo, 19, Bago ▪️Kyaw Bo Bo Thein, 20, Bago ▪️Nyo Min Thu, 34, Shan ▪️Kyaw Thura, Tanintharyi ▪️Myo Zin @ Su Kan, 40, Tanintharyi ▪️Than Zaw Oo, Tanintharyi ▪️Phoe La Pyae, 37, Yangon ▪️Myo Min Thu @ Mohamad Ali, 23, Kachin ▪️Augustine Thein Aung, 26, Yangon ▪️Zayar Myo Naing, Bago ▪️Kalar, Mandalay ▪️Pho Thar Lay @ Zaw Zaw Myin, 42, Sagaing ▪️Win Lwin, 49, Sagaing ▪️Zaw Lin, 33, Sagaing ▪️Min Maw Tun, 23, Sagaing ▪️Kyaw Kyaw, 39, Naypytaw ▪️Khaing Zaw Win, 17, Sagaing ▪️Aung Min Thu, @ Pesi, 37, Yangon ▪️Su Su Kyi, 33, Yangon ▪️Naing Naing Oo, 53, Mandalay ▪️Unknown, Monywa, Sagaing ▪️Ye Nay Win, 19, Mandalay ▪️Zaw Ko Latt @ Thay Thay, 18, Mandalay ▪️Unknown, Kyauktada, Yangon ▪️Aye Chan, 36, Sagaing ▪️Unknown, Tamu, Sagaing | up to April 2, 2021.

About the project: 

The life stories and descriptions were collected from the citizen journalists, death reports from local media and from many reports and articles that are featured on digital media platforms since the coup started. They are collected, compiled and edited by GM4MD website team and story-telling team. 

They were from the following media and news: 

Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) | DVB TV News | Kachin Waves | Mizzima | MyanmarNow | The Irrawaddy | RFA Burmese | Zalen

Daily fatalities list is from Assistance Association for Political Prisoners - daily briefing in relation to the military coup. Thanks to Mizzima for cover picture and special thanks to Sandra Mon for featured poem and Thihan, for featured three-finger salute design.