Our Mission

Formed in the wake of the February coup, GM4MD aims to aid in the restoration of Myanmar Democracy through the following mission, vision, and values.


Mobilizing Myanmar diaspora youth and friends to fight for democracy in Myanmar by harnessing the power of global digital networks #MyanmarMatters


Youth in Myanmar have opportunities to follow their own interests and passions in peaceful, thriving communities without violence.


We aim to organize the Myanmar diaspora, friends of Myanmar, friends of democracy in general, and existing organizations into a global community that coordinates grassroots action to bring about this future. We believe that no person is too small, no deed insignificant to affect change.

We plan to achieve these aims through:


Empowering and connecting existing organizations and grassroots organizers to spearhad political advocacy efforts

Press + Publicity

Keeping the story alive in mainstream media 

Social Media

Supporting the GM4MD organization and fostering the GM4MD community and network.

Story Telling

Collecting and reporting accurate stories of those involved and affected by the military junta

Protest Organizing

Magnifying and coordinating global protest campaigns


Bridging efforts to support the movement and those affected by the military


Provides and coordinates mental health and elderly support

Data Team

Coordinates big data efforts to benefit Myanmar's nascent democracy 

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