Spring Back Burma

“You can pluck spring flowers, but you cannot stop spring from coming.”  - A slogan from the Spring Revolution.


The Spring Back Burma campaign aims to draw international attention to the humanitarian crisis and brutal military repression occurring in Burma. The people in Burma have been fighting against the inhumane military junta for almost six decades with unshakable perseverance and resilience. The world needs to stand with them to spring back democracy and overcome military oppression in Burma. 


Since the unlawful coup d’état on February 1st, 2021, Burma has been resisting an inhumane military dictatorship that has committed mass killings and other atrocious human rights violations against pro-democracy protesters. The military has since killed nearly 900 people, arrested over 6,000 dissidents, and continues to terrorize innocent civilians. 

In addition to the military’s reign of terror, the people are also struggling against Burma’s third and most deadly wave of COVID-19 to date. Its healthcare system is on the brink of collapse due to the military’s deliberate persecution of doctors and healthcare workers. Hospitals, medical facilities, and public health spaces are now occupied by the military, while many healthcare workers are in jail or on the run due to targeted persecution. Meanwhile, new daily infections soar to the thousands, hundreds of patients die each week, and hospitals across the nation reach bed capacity. Burma’s civilian government before the coup was able to control the first and second wave of COVID-19 effectively and were able to procure COVID vaccines early. However, the military coup put all of this efforts in vain, and currently, only about 3.2% of the population is vaccinated. 

Despite the dire humanitarian and human rights situation in Burma, the world remains silent and paralyzed. The Spring Back Burma campaign aims to rally international support for the democratic movement in Burma and calls on the international community to stand with and support the people who are bravely defying military oppression despite life-threatening risks.

Why "Spring Back Burma"?

The term “Spring Back” embodies the resilience and hope of activists on the ground and among the diaspora, signifying that Burma will overcome the military oppression with strength and power. The current democracy movement began in the springtime and has been endearingly termed as “the Spring Revolution.” Spring imagery represents the renewed hope and blossoming brought forth by a new generation of youth activists and leaders, especially rising female leadership. 

In its entirety, “Spring Back Burma” stands for the revolution springing an inclusive and just federal democracy – accomplishing new historical milestones. 

Campaign Plan

Stars to Sisters

Women detainees are being subjected to alarming acts of violence and sexual assault, consistent with war tactics against ethnic minority women for decades. Stars to Sisters is a collaboration with the Sisters to Sisters campaign and calls on stars in Hollywood and around the world to write letters of solidarity to Burma sisters imprisoned, abused, and their family targeted by the military. The Sisters to Sisters Campaign brings together women around the globe to support the women activists, medical doctors, and protestors at the forefront of Burma’s spring revolution. 





   Sister to Sister Campaign 

Campaign for a New Myanmar